MCG Floor Flux Sake

Flux Floor Sake , rather than a script, it is a modifier for 3ds Max, created with the help of Max Creation Graph, which allows to distribute any type of geometry / splines for making arrangements for floors, walls, roofs, etc.

Max2017 should work straightaway, for max2016 ensure you have SP3 properly applied then Extension2 (maybe 1 would work too…can’t be sure)

FFS…Floor Flux Sake !!! I empower you to take the Red pill or Blue pill….go into the graph and choose your destiny on the far right…Fastest compile time could be a second (Blue pills) or slowest (Red pills), with all functionalities, up to 15 secs !!! But once you’ve compiled the graph, it should be pretty quick.

No, you’re not getting the TriBlade !!!

For those who don’t follow the FB MCG usergroup, this will use any custom geometry as a tile/panel, plus also any closed an NGon. Of course, you’ll have to do your own, thickness, bevel…etc for a custom mesh. The Oxley pattern is flat…too hard for me to do a built-in bevel for that… Here’s a very quick example of using a closed spline…go nuts…

ver 1.01: fixed gap bug for Windmill and Basket

ver 1.02: fixed ID bug for Multi IDs….thanks to Cletus Bucktooth for discovering the bug…(while fixing the Sh**house Door)

3ds Max Version Requirement:


Other Requrements:
2016 + SP3 + EXT1/2, 2017
Video URL:

More on ScriptSpot.

Source: CGPress


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