Ultimate Painter is a script for 3ds Max created by Clovis Gay

Ultimate Painter is a script for 3ds Max created by Clovis Gay, of Kinematic Lab / HocusPocus Studio , 3D artist and developer who mentioned a couple of times in this blog.

After watching the video and try it for a while I can say that rarely are free MAXScripts with this level of functionality. The tool is simply outstanding.

Ultimate Painter lets you paint with geometry directly in the viewport, either in space or vacuum model geometry, and can set parameters such as rotation angles, scale, distance between objects, collisions and position. The application also gives the option to collapse all in the same element, simply, or elimanando geometry with the Boolean method.

Click here to go to the download link and start experimenting!

* To use just drag the file to 3ds Max .mse.

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